CRIS-THIN came about out of a desire for change

out of a need for simple, fresh clothes to wear which did not compromise on quality and style.

Timeless garments, which could be taken out of the wardrobe season after season without ever losing their charm.

The success of the first collection was followed by others with shirts and dresses made of the best Italian fabrics.

Classic French-collared, striped and plain shirts for men were redesigned to give the relaxed, modern, feminine air I was seeking.

New Spring-Summer

The finest Italian fabrics, hand-embroidered to evoke the warm summers of a well-dressed childhood.

Modern workmanship, eye-catching in its simplicity. Marine colours accompanied by that optical white which is synonymous with summer.

Mint green and pink hydrangea for tops, cover-ups and featherweight shirts.

Here you can find classy yet chic blue and white knee-length dresses, without forgetting longer dresses for those summer evenings.

And our flat sandals are eternal, beautiful classics of unmissable simplicity.

So we proudly present our spring-summer at CRIS-THIN.

Simple, cool, well-designed and made in Italy.